न हि ज्ञानेनसदृशं पवित्रमिह विद्यते॥

Arsha Vidya Pitham, Saylorsburg, PA

Satsanga with Swami (Vol.2)Viditatmananda Saraswati


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Title: Satsanga with Swami (Vol.2)Viditatmananda Saraswati
Author: Swami Viditatmananda
Item Code: BK02756
Publisher: Adyatma Vidya Mandir
Edition: 1st ed., Date: 2010, 357 pp., HB
Description: This straightforward collection grew out of e-mail question-and-answers in which Swamiji shed light on many topics in four main areas: Vision of Vedanta (human pursuits, nature of self, and knowledge); God, Surrender & Prayer (including japa); Karma, Duty, Destiny, & Free Will; and Living Intelligently (Vedanta in every day life). The last section looks at Vedantic terms and concepts, yoga, and the role of a traditional teacher of Vedanta.