न हि ज्ञानेनसदृशं पवित्रमिह विद्यते॥

Arsha Vidya Pitham, Saylorsburg, PA

Sarvopanisad Sara -'06(2 DVDs)6 talks (Essence of All the


Title: Sarvopanisad Sara -’06(2 DVDs)6 talks (Essence of All the
Author: Swami Dayananda
Item Code: AVG0609
Publisher: AVG, Saylorsburg
Description: + Upanishads), Sept. Camp* All the Upanishads teach one thing: ‘You are the whole,’ not just whole, but the whole. In these six classes from September 2006, Swamiji unfolds this singular teaching, correcting the notions that underlie the erroneous sense of limitation (which lead to a life of ‘becoming’ i.e., samsara). In the resulting nondual vision of reality is release, moksha, from the sense of struggle.