न हि ज्ञानेनसदृशं पवित्रमिह विद्यते॥

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Comparative Hindu Materia Medica, A


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Title: Comparative Hindu Materia Medica, A
Author: Chakraberty, Chandra
Item Code: ISBN9788185557014
Publisher: Low Price Publications, Delhi
Edition: 2nd ed., Date: 1993, 198 pp., HB
Description: Botanical names and the therapeutic value of drugs are outlined for ready reference. The drugs described are in a fresh state and not involved in desiccation, distillation, sublimation, granulation, percolation, lixivation, or precipitation. Because they are only in their pure chemical forms, there is no loss of their delicate aroma, enzymic ferments, vitamin bodies, etc.Materia Medica literally means medical material. The author has made a comparative study of Hindu medicine and the European medicine to show the greateer effcacy of the Hindu medicial system. He has classified and provided the descriptins and properties of plants used for drugs from the Indian subcontinent.

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